Lino Bianchi Barriviera


The monolithic churces of Lalibela and others in the Lasta-Vagh in Ethiopia



Veduta generale del paesaggio, nello sfondo il monte Asceth, 1942
General view of the landscape, the Mount Asceth in the background
etching, mm 495x410


“Lalibela the red one”, the sanctuary city whose origins are deemed to date from XII-XIII centuries (according to the legend holy king LalibelÓ built it in three days with the angels’ assistance), is the archaeological and artistic gem of Ethiopia, an architectonic complex, unique of its kind, of which Bianchi Barriviera’ work is the only engraved portrayal. This ensemble is situated at an altitude of 2600-3000 metres and consists of two groups of monolithic buildings at a distance of about 250 metres from each other and of an isolated church. In 1976 this complex was declared Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO.


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