Lino Bianchi Barriviera


Le Chiese monolitiche di Lalibela e altre nel Lasta-Vagh in Etiopia




Veduta del primo gruppo, con i tetti di
Bièt Medhàni Alèm e Bièt Mariàm affioranti, 1942
View of the first group, with the emerging roofs of Bièt Medhàni Alèm e Bièt Mariàm
 etching, mm 304x487


The monolithic churches are dug inside a vast pit cut into a peculiar reddish tuff, tender rock which is frequent all over Abyssinia and which lends itself to being cut very well. The churches and the toponyms of Lalibela imitate the places in Jerusalem and Palestine and, according to tradition, people who visit them earn the same indulgences as pilgrims to the Holy Sepulchre do; churches and chapels are connected by tunnels, courtyards and a number of rooms for various purposes.


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