Lino Bianchi Barriviera


The monolithic churces of Lalibela and others in the Lasta-Vagh in Ethiopia

Between 1938 and the first months of 1939 Bianchi Barriviera goes on a study trip to Ethiopia and at first he only intends to carry out a number
of drawings and paintings from life of characteristic landscapes to be exhibited at the 1° Overseas Triennial Exhibition
in Naples. But while he is in Gōndar he is invited by
Amedeo di Savoia Duke of Aosta to participate as a
painter and an etcher in the archaeological exploration
of the churches of Lalibela in Lasta-Uagh, promoted by the Study Office of the Amāra government and led by archaeologist and professor
A.A. Monti della Corte.
The purpose of this expedition was to carry out surveys and drawings of the whole vast archaeological complex in anticipation of a later
restoration work campaign.





Ingresso alle Chiese e Tomba di Adamo, 1940
Entrance to the Churches and Adam’s Tomb .
etching, mm 415x355


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